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Busy Day? Lazy Susan.

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How It Works

Choose Your Meals

A rotating menu of 90+ balanced meals.

We Cook & Deliver

Fully-cooked meals delivered fresh, never frozen.

Chill & Reheat

Refrigerate meals & reheat.

Eat & Repeat

Enjoy your meal, and order again on Saturday.

Our chefs are cooking up a new menu

Our ordering system might be closed but that doesn’t mean we are not hard at work behind the scenes. Cause, we are coming up with a new menu that will surely tickle your taste buds. Check back this Friday at midnight for the new menu.

What Others Are Saying

Lazy Susan has changed my life!

Delicious meals, portions are filling, easy pick up at Burn Bootcamp right after workout & affordable! Love the macro info avail too.


Seriously, I’m so impressed!

I’ve been using Lazy Susan Meal Prep for 3 weeks now and my husband and I love it. It is so nice to not have to spend my time meal prepping lunches for the week and the food is absolutely delicious!


Five Star Meal Prep

Crystal and her staff provide five star meal prep!!! Highly recommend!!


We believe everyone should have the opportunity to eat healthy & delicious food.

All of our meals are prepared fresh and made to order without any artificial ingredients or preservatives. Featuring seasonal flavors and nutritious ingredients, it’s real food for real people.

We don’t cater to one specific diet, but instead, focus on creating meal options that work for multiple lifestyles. While we are unable to offer menu customization options at this time, most ingredient and macronutrients work for vegetarian, keto, and gluten-free diets.

See an ingredient you don’t like? Be sure to read the meal descriptions. In many cases toppings and additions are served on the side – for instance, the blue cheese in our very popular Buffalo Chicken Dip is served on the side in its own little container.

Mediterranean Shrimp & Veggie Quinoa Bowl

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